Frequently Asked Questions -

Are your mixes made with Fresh Fruit?

The simple answer is no... No business or company makes fresh fruit cocktails this is an advertising myth and is misleading to consumers. PartyHire mixes are simply the best quality and have a great flavour our mixes contain more fruit juice than any other competitors.

Do I have to pay a deposit for your hire equipment?

We require a $100 deposit payable 48 hours after booking. Companies that don't take deposits are not committed to your booking and generally don't turn up on the day.

Are all your frozen cocktails machines easy to use?

Yes, our state of the art machines is extremely easy to use. We go over the operation of the machine when we deliver it to you and leave you with detailed easy to follow instructions but if you can turn on a power point and pour in 1 bottle of concentrate then you are already an expert!

Do you have different size frozen cocktail machines available?

We have 1,2,3 or 4 Bowl Slush Machine units available on request.

How long does it take for the mix to freeze in the cocktail slushies machines?

It takes about 45 minutes for the first batch to freeze in normal conditions. We recommend you turn the unit on at least 90-120 minutes prior to your function start time, let it freeze then turn off the unit and add alcohol per side. You add the alcohol (it is economical and you know what is in the drinks - real alcohol, not toxic chemical essence!!) 2 x 700mls Sprits = 6% - 6.5% Alcoholic Slushies 1 x 1ltr Sprits = 4% - 4.5% Alcohol Slushies 1 x 700mls Sprits = 3% - 3.5% Alcohol Slushies

Do I need to provide any ice or freeze the bottles of the mix?

No. No ice is needed, the machine freezes the mix and creates the ice for you!

What do I need to supply for the frozen slushies & cocktails?

All you need to supply is a Strong Table - No plastic or glass top, a standard 10Amp power point, alcohol, and friends to drink your amazing frozen cocktail or slushie drinks.

How do I order?

When you are ready to confirm your order, simply go to the Prodcutand Services webspage at select the itmes and then you can access your order via the Customer Support Centre at Completty manage your ordeer here includiings using the message

Do I need to call & confirm?

You can access your order via the Customer Support Centre at
This is smart phone freindly and is where all details in rehards to your orders are inclunding any messages.

What payment methods to you accept?

Credit Card - Funds Transfer Using PayID

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is Free, this includes Setup/Pack upwhatsoever& GST - Note some areas have a surchage. We ask for a minimum deposit of $100 "non-refundable" then balance in cash on delivery.

Do you charge a bond for your hire equipment?

No!! There is no charge.

Are there any setup charges?

No Way!!

Do you have package deals?

We invented them - add, jukebox, archade &/or 2nd machine and Save!!! Call us today! We also often have monthly specials so it pays to ask!

What alcohol do I need to supply?

Please click on our Cocktails for full details, It's easy!

What if there is a problem with the equipment?

We support number 1800 644 464.

Need more information?

If you have any further questions or infomation please visit our website,

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